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Ski Goggles

  • snow goggles(SNOW-014)
  • snow goggles(SNOW-014)
  • snow goggles(SNOW-014)
  • snow goggles(SNOW-014)
  • snow goggles(SNOW-014)
  • snow goggles(SNOW-014)
snow goggles(SNOW-014)snow goggles(SNOW-014)snow goggles(SNOW-014)snow goggles(SNOW-014)snow goggles(SNOW-014)snow goggles(SNOW-014)

snow goggles(SNOW-014)

  • TPU frame
  • Out lens: PC+UV, anti-scratch, 100% Anti-UV
  • Inner Lnes: anti-fog, import from Italy
  • Spherical Lens
  • Product description: snow goggles

Product Name: snow goggles
Model Name: SNOW-014

Main  Features:
Adult's ski goggles
Sex: unisex
Out lens: PC+UV
Lens Material: PC
Double lens, UV 400
Flat or Spherical: Spherical
Frame Materials: TPU,
Frame Color: Any color
Exchangeable strap fixing
Easy Fit strap adjustment system
Strap Material: Nylon
Stra width & thickness: 330x45x2(mm)
Foam Material: polyethylene
Foam Density: 36KG pcbm
Foam Thickness:15mm
Three layers face foam can reduce vibration
HS Code 9003110000

Product Description:
Product Name:Adult TPU flexible frame snow goggles
Dual lens in 3M glue, anti-fog, anti-scratch, 100% Anti-UV With airflow lens ventilation
Lens is a double-layer pieces of organic material
Holes in the lens and around the frame not only block the cold air, but also to keep the air circulation
TPU flexible frame, custom painted
Flexible polyurethane frame conforms to any face for a comfortable fit
Tri-density face foam
Helmet compatible



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